Online education网上在线学习和传统教学的区别英文版
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本文摘要:随着先进技术时代的到来,世界的距离变得越来越小。With this extremely advanced age of technology, the world has become smaller. 借助互联网,可以和世界各地与自己有配合兴趣的人交流,就像在同一个都会一样容易。 基于这个原因,在线教育席卷了整个高等教育领域。


随着先进技术时代的到来,世界的距离变得越来越小。With this extremely advanced age of technology, the world has become smaller. 借助互联网,可以和世界各地与自己有配合兴趣的人交流,就像在同一个都会一样容易。




在许多情况下,在网上获得学历的优势,很显着。With the aid of the World Wide Web , you can interact with others that share your interests across the world just as easily as across town. For this reason, online education has taken the world of higher education , by storm . Whatever your family situation, current job, economic standing, or background, Whatever your family situation,current job,ecomonic standing, or background, you can enioy a web-based instruction along with other hard-working students from all corners the globe. In many instances, the benefits of earning your degree online greatly outweigh the annoyance and expense of attending a traditional college or university. 在线教育项目,从建立之初就有了长足的生长。传统的学院和大学已生长了远程教育项目,以适应那些没时间或没钱来获得高等学位的人。

Online degree programs have come a long way since their early days. Traditional colleges and universities have developed distance learning programs to accommodate individuals who would not otherwise have the time or funds to earn an advanced degree. 在线课程通常比传统的大学课程学起来会以为更难些,因为事情和学习都是由学生自己决议的。合理计划时间是至关重要的,因为一天中没有一个特定的时间专门用来学习。可能需要一段时间才气习惯适应这种学习方法,但在线课程利大于弊。Online degree programs are often more difficult than traditional university programs due to the fact the work and study is left up to the student. Time management skills are crucial, since there is not a particular time of the day set aside specifically for study. It may take some time to become accustomed to this method of scholarship, but the pros of online classes may outweigh the cons in your situation.习题训练 Exercise:选词填空fall behind、 set aside、 be confined to 、be equipped with、 outweigh、 overwhelmed、 earn(1)He intends to ? as many degrees as possible.(2)No one can stand still. If you don to move ahead, you will ? .(3)Studeng are required to ? half an hour for oral English practice every day.(4)As for me , the process of fulfilling a task ? result itself . (5)When looking for a job , you'd better ? good English skill. (6)The children ? always ? their own home because they are living in a bad neighborhood.(7)Being ? by an acute sense of guilt, the murderer committed suicide.参考谜底1.earn 2.fall behind 3.set aside 4.outweighs equipped with 6.are confined to 7.overwhelmed。